Hot gadgets to buy with your 2016 tax refund

Tax Hacks 2015: How Not to Blow Your Tax Refund
Tax Hacks 2015: How Not to Blow Your Tax Refund

There's nothing fun about tax season, except that moment when you see you'll be getting a refund. If it happens, a little whistle goes off. You instantly start thinking of ways you can spend it.

Maybe it's the perfect amount for that trip you've always wanted to take. Or, maybe it's enough to cover a few home makeover projects. But, why spend those extra dollars on something that won't last, or that you won't get that much joy out of?

Get yourself a little gift instead. Splurge on one of these gadgets:

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1. Not your average alarm clock

music click clock-2
music click clock-2

Alarm clocks don't have to be clunky. Nowadays, technology packs a more powerful punch while being a lot less obvious. That's what we love about the Music Table Clock Block, from Ginko. Its sleek wood casing gives it a modern look. The date and time are displayed on the surface, and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Sync it up with your smartphone or tablet to play music, or bring the audio on movies and video games to life.

When it comes to sound, the Music Table Block is no lightweight. It blasts 6 watts of stereo output from two high-fidelity audio drivers, and passive sub-woofers. And, the Bluetooth feature has a 10-foot range, so you won't be tied down to one spot.

You can find the Music Cable Block on

Price: $200

2. The light that shines in more ways than one

led lamp
led lamp

Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home. And yet, we give little attention to our desk accessories. That's probably because a lot of desks are pressed for space. With just enough room for our computer, keyboard and mouse, adding something new seems impractical.

But, with the Mighty Bright Lux Lamp, it's a different story. This little gadget goes above and beyond, giving your work space a touch of style, while also being incredibly practical. The Mighty Bright has two USB ports that allow you to charge your phone, tablet or other electronic device. Plus, its built-in perch allows for both vertical and horizontal display. So, you'll never miss an update that comes in while you're working.

You can find the Mighty Bright Lux Lamp at

Price: $150

3. A super-functional tablet


One of the best things about tax refunds is that you can finally buy items you've had your eye on. And we know you've had your eye on the KomandoTab2!

This compact tablet is perfect for both work and play. It comes fully loaded with Windows 10 and has its own keyboard case, which makes it ideal for getting work done on the go. Use it to check email, review Excel sheets or perfect your PowerPoint presentation. And, since it's a tablet, you'll also have access to all of your favorite apps. This means you can check in with friends on Facebook, send tweets, pin to Pinterest, browse the Web and play games like solitaire.

Watch the video below to see what's included, and visit Kim's Shop for more details.

Price: $259.95

4. A whole new way to print out ideas

3d printer
3d printer

You may have noticed that "3-D" has been the buzzword in the printing industry lately. But, 3-D printers are so new that some people are still trying to figure them out. What can you do with them? Are they expensive? Is printing in 3-D even practical?

The truth is that 3-D printers aren't as expensive as you might think -- at least when it comes to consumer models, like the 3-D Desktop Printer from HICTOP. And, while they may not be a practical solution for everyone, no one can argue that they're incredibly fun. Use this gadget to make personalized gifts, key chains, trinkets and toys. It prints at speeds of 120 mm per second, and supports an SD card.

You can find the 3-D Desktop Printer at

Price: $315

5. The easiest way to open your garage door

wireless-garage-door-opener-640x533 (1)
wireless-garage-door-opener-640x533 (1)

If you prefer something that's truly practical, then go for the GogoGate 2 Garage Door Opener. It makes opening your garage door and any gates to your home much easier. Just install the device, then download the app (which is free for both Apple and Android). The app allows you to sync up to three different doors or gates, and even share access with temporary guests.

Another feature of the GogoGate 2 is the ability to monitor your garage door and gates with video. Just integrate your existing IP camera, and use the app to keep an eye on everything.

You can find the GogoGate 2 on

Price: $134

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