Neighbors save freezing dog stuck on balcony after Facebook post

Neighbors Save Freezing Dog Stuck On Balcony After Facebook Post

Dogs have a way of bringing people together.

One stuck out in the cold did exactly that on Facebook recently.

On March 2, RL Das noticed the white dog on the balcony of a 14th floor apartment in Toronto-so he posted a picture of the canine on the neighborhood's Facebook page.

His post read, "...The dog is howling away in the cold gnawing at the doors without any coat or blanket, no body seems to be home. I don't have much experience but who can I call Animal Services etc. It's obvious the dog has been left outside in the cold with no body home. The dog is really suffering I can hear it howling loudly for 45 mins."

Photo: Facebook

At the time of the posting, the temperature outside was around seven degrees Fahrenheit.

Nearly 200 additional commenters chimed in with a series of suggestions.

An hour or so after the post, members of the Facebook group were able to notify a police officer who finally let the dog inside.

The canine is said to be doing fine.

According to Facebook user Jacob Smith, the owner wasn't responsible for leaving the canine outside. Smith noted, "The door to the balcony is like a bedroom door, and the wind had a lot to do with this incident as I am told...The owner did not put the dog outside and leave him there."

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