Taking office romance to a new level: 10 confessions from work 'spouses'

While your professional life should ideally come second to your personal life, when your job demands long hours in the office and nearly all of your attention for a particular project, it's hard to not build special relationships with your colleagues. In fact, when you bond enough with a particular coworker, it's often coined a 'work spouse,' because the closeness is so tangible. But sometimes, the lighthearted joke of having an office spouse can become all too real.

Several work husbands and wives took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share what it's really like to have a 'spouse' at the office.

1. When you have a partner you rely on at work, it's impossible not to compare him or her to your partner at home:
My work husband and I get along better than me and my "real" husband.

2. You may come up with fantasies that you end up feeling guilty about if your work spouse's allegiances lie elsewhere:
My work husband is married and I feel a bit guilty that if he ever decided to cheat I hope it will be with me

3. It can make you wonder what qualities you're lacking when your professional relationships soar but your personal ones fall flat:
I have more guys at work that consider me a "work wife" than days in the week, but I can

4. Even if you consider yourself content and satisfied, there can always be a person who can shake up everything you thought you knew about what you wanted:

5. You may not know how much you rely on someone until they're not there anymore:
My work husband left the job the other day. Now I feel a void. Is this what divorce feels like?

6. It might hurt when you realize that your work spouse actually has a real spouse:
Just found out my work-wife got engaged. I want to be happy for her, but right now I

7. Complicated feelings can get even more complex when you have a spouse at home who you have to explain your feelings to:
Just found out my "work husband" is being transferred. This news made me realize my feelings may be more than just playing around. I better clear up these tears before I see my real husband.

8. You don't need real romantic feelings to appreciate a meaningful friend at work:

9. It's nice to know you built meaningful relationships that will last longer than employment or paychecks:

10. You can never really prepare yourself for life's surprises:
I am very happy in my relationship and wouldn

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Is romance in the workplace a good idea? Check out the video below:
Romance in the Work Place

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