What did Ted Cruz eat off his lip during the GOP debate?

Did Ted Cruz Eat a Booger on National TV?

Ted Cruz has a lot to say, but on Thursday night it was a little hard to pay attention.

Cruz was delivering a few impassioned lines about rival Donald Trump when a small object -- a crumb, really -- dropped from his upper lip to his bottom lip. Then, the crumb disappeared altogether, presumably entering Cruz's digestive system.

Was it a booger? A crumb of apple pie? Was it something else entirely? We may never know.

See social media reactions to the incident:

Ted Cruz may have eaten a booger at the GOP debate
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What did Ted Cruz eat off his lip during the GOP debate?
What was that??? #GOPDebate https://t.co/0WTWJG84iL
If you're having a tough day on the job just remember that Ted Cruz ate a booger on live television.
Ted Cruz eating a booger on live television is by far the most disturbing thing I've seen in my entire life.
When I saw @tedcruz eat that booger off his lip #GOPDebate https://t.co/4Y2qcmrnSR
#FOXDebate #TedCruz #TedCruz2016 did he just eat a booger? https://t.co/PKRjzmP2NW
I think all of us were concerned about the booger on @tedcruz's upper lip. #GOPdebate #republicandebate https://t.co/GMuXcDbcHK
Did anyone else see @tedcruz just eat his own booger? fell out of his nose, right into his mouth. #GOPDebate
Ted Cruz just made my stomach turn. #booger #FOXDebate
Ted Cruz can't even lose with grace. He'll just continue to hang on, like a dry little booger
Ted Cruz first started in politics as a booger that was stuck on the bottom a senators desk

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