Photographer finds tears are stunningly beautiful when observed under microscope

Photographer Finds Tears Are Surprisingly Unique And Beautiful When Observed Under Microscope

Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers has created stunning portraits of human tears under a microscope.

The images typically show a rounded area filled with a variety of tiny, intricate shapes.

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Mikkers explained during a TEDxAmsterdam talk he gave last year that the appearance of tears can differ based on the type, the person's physiology, and environmental conditions during the crystallization process.

And while they may look like a clear fluid, they can actually contain proteins, minerals, and hormones, among other components.

He began this project called "Imaginarium of Tears" in 2015 after he identified a microscopic technique that highlighted the beauty of the substance.

He has since created art out of the tears of different people and shared the stories behind them; for example, one sample came from a friend with a sick father while another was from his sister who was frustrated with her job.

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