Meow you're talkin'! Here's your daily fix of insanely cute and hilarious cat photos


Unless you're made of stone, your heart probably melts over adorable pictures of animals. And whether you're a hardcore dog-lover, or a self-proclaimed cat lady, there's beauty of social media is that there's something out there for everyone.

In honor of the cutest and most hilarious cats on the internet, we've compiled some of the best pictures of cats, thanks to the social media gurus on Kanvas, the new popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more. Please enjoy, and you're welcome in advance.

1. Who doesn't love a fat cat?

2. Who needs coffee when you have a little feline wakeup call?

3. There's nothing more peaceful than a kitten purring on your chest:

4. Even the hairless cats look too cuddly to handle:

5. Please come out of that blanket and cuddle with us:

6. A jungle cat is better than no cat:

7. This kitten knows how to cut to the chase:

8. Are cats as fascinated by us as we are by them?

9. BRB fainting at cuteness overload:

10. Please stop, we can't handle any more adorable-ness:

Because who ever gets enough adorable cat photos?

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