Hey Miley Cyrus, please do not wear someone else's retainer

It's refreshing to see an influential celebrity embracing orthodontics, like Gwen Stefani wearing braces in the '90s.

Kids are are insecure about their very expensive retainers and it helps to see someone confidently rocking a metal mouth. Seriously, those things cost money — don't ditch them.

And while Miley Cyrus's efforts for the cause are certainly enthusiastic, they are misguided. Because you're only supposed to wear orthodontic gear fitted for your own mouth.

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Do we really have to explain why wearing someone else's retainer, even as an act of friendship, is a bad idea? Long-term use of a retainer that belongs to someone else can rearrange your teeth in a way you may not like and short-term use is unsanitary. Don't be gross.

Miley knows what it's like to have the eyes of the world on her mouth — the sometimes home of her tongue. With great power comes great responsibility.

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