Happy National Grammar Day!

It's National Grammar Day! Here's An Easy Guide To Avoid Bad Grammar

It's Friday, March 4th -- so of course we need a whole day to celebrate what we all learned in elementary school: How to write the perfect sentence with the correct grammar.

In a world of speedy text messages and even quicker posts on Twitter and Facebook, it's no surprise that grammar still remains an important topic.

Today's recognition of good grammar was first created by Martha Brockenbrough -- surprisingly around the time text messages started becoming popular.

According to a Harris Poll for Dictionary.com, 59 percent of respondents said improper grammar is their biggest annoyance when it comes to the English language.

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Social media reaction to National Grammar Day
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Happy National Grammar Day!
Its grammer day! I hope your enjoying it! Me and my friends are gonna celebrate! #GrammarDay
guys - for those of you correcting my preceding tweet, it has five errors. 😃#ThatsTheJoke #GrammarDay
It's #NationalGrammarDay! What's your biggest grammar pet peeve? https://t.co/xNsmlhgsM0 https://t.co/PVsKnGIhit
Happy #GrammarDay, everyone! https://t.co/1LSYEelk2u
When in doubt, just blame auto-correct. #GrammarDay #GamersGuideToPrettyMuchEverything https://t.co/1WqrA5QvnO
To infinitive and beyond! Happy National #GrammarDay. I love language and learning. Yes, this is part of my shelf. https://t.co/F6q9ceKbCs
Happy #GrammarDay! https://t.co/lXdpC1qkAm
Today is National #Grammar Day! https://t.co/lHcyxtvCfk
Theirs nothing you can do, its #GrammarDay https://t.co/GQyFjHg2hZ
Me Thought Today Be Good Day To Advertise Me Helpy For You English. Happy #NationalGrammarDay https://t.co/pgU2I0KWrT
It's is #NationalGrammarDay. Have a great days. #WeCouldntResists
Today be National Grammar Day, me hopes I get this rite...
Didn't know what picture to use for #NationalGrammarDay, so I had to go with this one https://t.co/HLKKkh2Trm #BYU https://t.co/nwC6svgsZL
Hey wordies, it's National Grammar Day! Don't be peevish--march forth and celebrate!
Grammar nerds: It's your time to shine! #NationalGrammarDay https://t.co/uqvmAAFaRL
Happy Grammar Day! #EnglishHumor #GrammarDay https://t.co/mAa5I25030
It's #GrammarDay! As one of my t-shirts says, "There, their, they're. Choose wisely."
To everyone who uses correct punctuation in text messages: We ❤ you. #GrammarDay https://t.co/oCz9ntnfSB
It's national #GrammarDay! All the more reason to be impeccable during job interviews. Friendly reminder: Supposebly is not a word.
Happy Grammar Day to our US followers! (does that include spelling?) #stationerywithane #GrammarDay https://t.co/UMy5qPFBJp
Happy Grammar Day! Type carefully while enjoying your favourite pack of Lay's! #GrammarDay #LoveToLoveIt https://t.co/j7Votb3D85
ICYMI: #Metaphors and #Similes: #hints and #tips #infographic https://t.co/ni9lgyGxK3 https://t.co/PThSbHLW4B
It's #NationalGrammarDay! Here are 10 tips to improve your grammar via @grammarnet: https://t.co/EGGDTr6nQ2 https://t.co/TExwLtgpT1
Happy National #GrammarDay! https://t.co/ewfMpTXpOl https://t.co/lccOQrmU25

Just in case you need some handy tips to impress your friends, here are 10 to refresh your memory (also watch the video at the top of this page!):

So despite acronyms that seem to permeate today's society, take a little time today to appreciate the English language. Go forth and use grammar wisely!

Do you have a grammar pet peeve that bugs you the most?

Feel free to weigh in by taking our poll above (who doesn't get messed up with two/to/too) or let us know in the comments below!

Watch below to learn more about how to use who/whom:

Comma Queen: 'Who/Whom' for Dummies

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