EXCLUSIVE: All the 'Bachelor' ladies attack Olivia in this heated 'Women Tell All' sneak peek!

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Women Tell All' Sneak Peek: 'The Bachelor' Women Confront Olivia and It's Intense!
EXCLUSIVE: 'The Women Tell All' Sneak Peek: 'The Bachelor' Women Confront Olivia and It's Intense!

Hell hath no fury like a Bachelor villain scorned!

On this season of the hit ABC dating series, Olivia Caridi started off as a major frontrunner for Ben Higgins' heart when she received the coveted first impression rose. Despite her instantaneous connection with Ben, Olivia was quickly pegged as the villain of the season by the other contestants, thanks to her aggressive behavior and haughty attitude.

Now it's time for Olivia to confront all her haters on Monday's highly anticipated special, The Women Tell All, and only ETonline has your exclusive first look at the episode's most heated moment!

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While sitting in the iconic "Bachelor hot seat," Olivia tries her best to defend her actions against the other contestants' complaints.

"When girls had a problem with Jubilee, they went to Jubilee and said something," the former news anchor says somberly. "But for me, it was never really brought to me. Emily came to me once and said it bothers me when you grab him first."


And that's when the ladies decide to fight back. Emily begins mouthing and gesturing behind Olivia's back (literally!) that she had approached her not once, but twice during the love-fueled competition.

"I came to you twice," Emily stresses with her identical twin Haley nodding aggressively by her side. "Not only in Vegas, but after the Teen Mom comment was said and that whole drama, I came to you again and I was just like, 'Olivia, we're still feeling disrespected by you in the house.'"

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To which Olivia curtly responds, "But that was after you trash-talked me so..."

"Oh! But you weren't trash-talking her?" Haley snaps coming to her sister's defense.

And to make matters even more dramatic, Amanda -- who was on the receiving end of Olivia's hurtful "Teen Mom" comparison comments -- chimes in with her own personalized grievances. "Did you not talk about me? My kids?" Amanda confronts. "And say that any guy should be running the other way from somebody with kids? Do you not think that's rude?"

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All airs Monday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Dying for more from Olivia? Press play on our exclusive video below to find out the exact moment when it all went wrong between she and Ben!

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