Eggs at the grocery store might be older than you think

Eggs At The Grocery Store Might Be Older Than You Think


A recent post on Facebook by Fresh Eggs Daily points out that the eggs you pick up at your local grocery store might actually be 45 days old or more! Fresh Eggs Daily posted a picture dated January 19 of egg cartons at the grocery store. Every date posted was 352 to 355, meaning that these eggs were put into cartons on the 352nd to the 355th day of the year. So, the eggs are about a month old and will last up to a month later.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how the average grocery store egg might be 45 days old (or more) by the time you buy it. A...

Posted by Fresh Eggs Daily on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The FDA does not require food manufacturers to place expiration dates or even "best by" or "use by" dates. It's up to the company's discretion to put a date.

However, the USDA has issued a guide on how to read all the codes on egg cartons. Grade AA is the freshest egg used mostly in prepared foods and bakeries. Grade A is the most commonly sold grade of eggs. The stamp on the carton will sometimes have an expiration date determined by the company, a packing date, and a plant code that identifies where the eggs came from in case of a safety recall.

Keeps all this in mind the next time you go pick up a carton of eggs and you won't leave with a bad batch.

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Cost of eggs in 10 cities around the US
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Eggs at the grocery store might be older than you think

Los Angeles, CA

Avg. cost per dozen: $3.90

New York, NY

Avg. cost per dozen: $3.57

New Orleans, LA

Avg. cost per dozen: $3.31

Houston, TX

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.97

Seattle, WA

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.93

Raleigh, NC

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.79

Orlando, FL

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.89

Albuquerque, NM

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.73

Indianapolis, IN

Avg. cost per dozen: $2.71

Sioux Falls, SD

Avg. cost per dozen: $1.77


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