Deep fried pizza is the latest food craze sweeping New York City

The Best Tempura in the World Is at Ten-Ichi in Tokyo, Japan
The Best Tempura in the World Is at Ten-Ichi in Tokyo, Japan

Now that you've had enough time to forget that those New Year's resolutions ever existed, a new pizza hybrid has arrived to ruin both your waistline and your wallet.

Tempura battered slices, (no, we're not kidding) are the latest 'trendy' food item out of New York City, coming to us courtesy of Sake Bar Hagi in Midtown. Listed atop its 'deep fried menu,' the pizza goes for $6 per slice, which may sound not sound like a lot, but in NYC where pizza can (and should) be $1 -- it's a hefty price tag.

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While the menu doesn't say where the slices are from or if they are homemade, (very important detail) they do list other bizarre fried options you can go for if pizza isn't hitting the spot. Options include aged takoyaki (fried octopus ball), sunagimo (chicken gizzards), and gobou chips (deep fried sliced mountain burdock).

Since word of the bizarre pizza has spread people have been voicing their concerns on social media about the tampering with their dinner go-to.

If you're brave enough to try it out, or are just looking for a cholesterol spike, head over to the restaurant -- details can be found here.

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