Boy who survived freak accident meets his hero

Boy with Reattached Arm Meets His Baseball Idol
Boy with Reattached Arm Meets His Baseball Idol

Not too long ago Seth Apel, 12, suffered from a freak accident at his family farm located in Pennsylvania that caused his right arm to be severed between his shoulder and elbow. Today he can now brag about meeting one of his baseball heroes.

Recently Apel got to see former MLB player Sean Casey who was first basemen for a handful of teams. It was all part of what he thought was a routine check up at the hospital. Surprise!

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Casey and Apel got to practice throwing a baseball in the hospital hallway in what could be considered a bright spot as he continues his miraculous recovery from the horrifying incident last November.

"I brought you a bobblehead, some batting gloves and a baseball," Casey told Apel.

Apel himself is no stranger to the baseball field as he looks forward to the spring season because he has learned to bat with both arms -- and catch and throw with his left. Even if he can't play, he's ready for the alternative.

"I want to be [the team] mascot," Apel said.

Among his inspiration is his family -- specifically his father who gives him a Bible verse to follow each day.

"The one he gave me was, 'I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,'" Apel told local TV station WTAE.

With strong support and already amazing success in recovery, Seth Apel is a champion on and off the field.

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