Bobby Brown blasts news outlets over release of Bobbi Kristina autopsy results

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Cause of Death Revealed
Bobbi Kristina Brown's Cause of Death Revealed

Bobbi Kristina Brown's cause of death was released on Friday, and her father is not happy that the autopsy results have been made public.

"First and foremost, 23 years ago today, Bobbi Kristina was born," Brown said in his statement on what would have been his daughter's 23rd birthday.

"Krissy will always live in my heart and soul. I love my baby girl. For news affiliates to seek and obtain my daughter's autopsy report, before anyone has been brought to justice for her death is mind blowing to me. Please pray for my family," he added.

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The daughter of Whitney Houston and Brown died of lobar pneumonia, which was the result of brain damage due to oxygen loss from water immersion and "mixed drug intoxication," according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner's report.

The report states that Bobbi Kristina had marijuana, alcohol, benzoylecgonine (a cocaine-related substance), benzodiazepines (medications used to treat anxiety), and morphine in her system when she was found face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home on Jan. 31, 2015.

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Bobby Brown's lawyer, Christopher Brown, also released a statement regarding the medical findings. "Yesterday we were informed that two news affiliates were granted access to the autopsy of Bobbi Kristina Brown. While this action is unsettling, we will continue in our efforts in the civil lawsuit and the criminal investigation," he told Us Magazine.

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"Bobby Brown has had to be strong and mourn his loved ones in a fashion that is foreign to most people. So public, so raw, with apparently no end in sight. Hopefully public indictments and prosecution will lead to private healing and closure for Bobby Brown and his family," he continued.

The autopsy report in question goes on to state that at this time it is unclear if Bobbi Kristina's death was intentional or accidental, so it is currently being classified as "undetermined."

The records had previously been sealed, but a judge ordered them unsealed on Thursday after requests by the media.

Photos from Brown's burial service:

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Brown remained in a coma from the time she was found until her death on July 26. Before she died, her father, Pat Houston, Pat's brother Ray Watson and her sister-in-law Donna Houston, Gary Houston, conservator Bedelia C. Hargrove and other family members joined together in prayer at the Atlanta hospice where she had been moved. They then sang hymns together following the 22-year-old's death.

A preliminary autopsy did not identify any obvious underlying cause of death. It also did not reveal any "significant injuries" or previously unknown medical conditions that could have contributed to her death, according to a statement from the Medical Examiner's Office of Fulton County, Georgia.

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