Yup, There It Is: Mass Effect Andromeda Pushed To 2017, QQ

Well, you can't say a delay like this wasn't in the cards: with updates on the game rather scarce and upper level staff from Bioware dropping like flies, many suspected that Mass Effect Andromeda would not be able to hit the Winter 2016 release window it was aiming for. And now we have some level of confirmation that will indeed be the case.

Speaking during a technology and media conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen delved into the projected timeframe in which some of EA's biggest titles would be landing, providing some good news for some properties and bad news for others. On the first tip we have confirmation that both Battlefield 5 and Titanfall 2 will be landing in Q3 2016, a.k.a. sometime in the holiday season. That's especially stellar for Titanfall 2, a game that hasn't even been formally unveiled as of yet (although you better believe that's incoming if the game is set to be released by December). Battlefield 5 too hasn't really begun discussed all that much, although rumors have been flying that it could be a World War I tactical shooter — honestly that sounds like wishful thinking but, hey, if it turns out to be the case, I'm game. In any case, it doesn't seem we won't have to wait very long to get our hands on both.

Mass Effect Andromeda, on the other hand, remains more far off than ever before. During the same presentation, Jorgensen revealed that the game was aiming for launch in the 4th Quarter of the fiscal year, which technically puts it for release between January and March of 2017 (yeah, fiscal years are weird, don't overthink them.) Once again, following the mass exodus of people at Bioware, it was only a matter of time until their next big project got pushed back. I'm willing to wait longer for the game, but I just hope that it will be worth it. With the delay we will have exactly 5 years without the franchise, so its return to the spotlight better be worth it. And for now, I just actually want to see more from the game itself -- the teaser trailer was great, but since we're in for at least another year wait, hopefully EA will give us some more to tide us over.

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