Owner sparks controversy after posting sign in front of restaurant

Restaurant's Sign Sparks Major Outrage
Restaurant's Sign Sparks Major Outrage

The owner of a Japanese restaurant in North Carolina has caused a frenzy over an eyebrow-raising sign he posted in front of his establishment.

The sign reads: "Take your hood down. Pull your pants up. Finish your phone conversation. Marijuana smell not allowed. We will be glad to assist you."

While Martin Tanaka, the owner, claims the sign has received a lot of positive feedback, it has hit a sensitive nerve with some.

"It looks like they are trying to say something about some kind of race," one resident in the area told a local news station.

Others are perfectly fine with it.

"I mean, it is his restaurant and he chooses whatever he wants to put up," a customer said.

The sign has been up for three years, but it got a lot more attention after it was enlarged.

Tanaka insists that it has nothing to do with a customer's skin color and that he's turned away naughty rule breakers of all races.

So if you ever find yourself at Tanaka's restaurant, make sure you leave your saggy pants and cell phone at home or you'll end up leaving pretty hungry!

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