Kevin Love is the new face of Banana Republic

Love: Cavs Could've Weathered Storm Better in Toronto
Love: Cavs Could've Weathered Storm Better in Toronto


If anything has gone right for Kevin Love since joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's that he's removed from Minnesota and in the major NBA spotlight, on a title-contending team. And it seems all the publicity lately has paid off with a new endorsement deal.

It was announced on Thursday that Love is the newest style ambassador for Banana Republic.

"I've always gravitated towards classic style influenced by the Rat Pack and guys like Paul Newman", Love told GQ. "There isn't anyone as classic and timeless as Banana Republic so when they approached me, I leapt at the opportunity. They are right in line with how I get dressed every day."

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Love's transformation in appearance over his eight years as a pro, from beefy big man to slimmed-down, stylish shooter, has been fascinating.

Remember this?

Minnesota Timberwolves Media Day
Minnesota Timberwolves Media Day

As for his style icons? Love has an interesting take: A tie between Don Draper and Larry David.


Interesting choices, Kevin.

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