Japanese 'water' cakes are almost too mesmerizing to eat

Japanese 'water' cakes are almost too mesmerizing to eat

Looking like something that the Jetson's would dive into after dinner, Japanese "water" cakes appear to be the latest dessert craze sweeping the Internet.

While the crystal ball-esque delicacy appears to be made out of condensed H20, the cake actually is a solid made up of traditional Japanese ingredients.

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According to Imgur user zombiebisque who posted the viral photos of the treat stated that, "Known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, this clear cake is actually made with rice, served with syrup and flour made of roast soybeans."

The confusing dessert generally comes with a dipping sauce and nibbles on the side for texture and has been popping up on menus everywhere. Flocking to try the dish, people have been documenting their experiences on social media -- proving that not everyone is a fan of the out-there texture.

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