Home 'improvements' that might hurt your property value

Home 'Improvements' That Might Hurt Your Property Value

You may fancy yourself an amateur house flipper. But a new report from Money suggests some home improvements may cost you more than you think.

First, disregard the Rolling Stones' advice to paint it black. Unless you'e prepared to re-paint. Buyers LOVE a nice neutral.

And don't let your dreams of a swimming pool drag you underwater. Pools are super high maintenance. So unless someone in your family has Olympic dreams, maybe just get a season pass to the beach instead.

Also, that home office may make you feel like you're better than the laptop people at Starbucks... But permanent shelving units may pose a problem for potential buyers seeking an extra bedroom.

Speaking of extra bedrooms, don't rush to turn your garage into one. Little Billy may want his independence, but at what cost? Literally. A home without a functional garage could significantly shrink your pool of potential buyers.

And to paraphrase Coco Chanel, before leaving the house, a homeowner should look around the property and remove one shrub. But seriously, excessive landscaping can also be an issue. So don't go crazy: this isn't the Palace of Versailles.

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