Congressman blasts NBC, MSNBC over diversity with #NBCsoWhite (video)

Inside the Feud Between MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry
Inside the Feud Between MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry

Move over, Oscars.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) went on the House floor to bash NBC News and MSNBC over diversity with #NBCsoWhite. He claims that people of color are disappearing from the stations lineups.

Gutierrez pointed to three particular hosts who have seen their shows end in recent months: Alex Wagner, Melissa Harris-Perry and Jose Diaz Balart.

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"The reality is that our nation has become more diverse and our television and our news media and our political institutions, including the Democratic and Republican parties, have not kept up," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez also noted the network's "racism flip-flop" regarding treatment of Donald Trump, and said that Harris-Perry spoke about politics in a "unique way, like few others."

The 12-term congressman was first elected to his seat in 1992. Gutierrez often finds himself at the center of Latino and immigration-related issues. In fairness, the face of NBC News is Lester Holt but Gutierrez never mentions him.

Andy Lack returned to NBC as chairman of NBC News and MSNBC in March 2015. Lack, who also ran NBC News from 1993-2003, has been shaking up lineups and trying different things over the past year. He is responsible for naming Holt the permanent "Nightly News" anchor and allowing Brian Williams to return to the air following his infamous suspension.

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