After 9 years and a false rumor, 50 Cent's mansion is still on the market

50 Cent's Connecticut Mansion 'Not Sold Yet,'a Source Says
50 Cent's Connecticut Mansion 'Not Sold Yet,'a Source Says

Despite rumors earlier today that famed rapper 50 Cent finally sold his Farmington, CT mansion, the home is sadly still on the market. TMZ falsely reported that Mr. Cent had sold his home to a developer that was set to turn the estate in to an assisted living facility.

Perhaps the only thing as inevitable as death is the fact that 50 Cent's mansion will never sell.

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The posh pad has been on the market for (literally) 9 years and in all honesty, that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

Quick recap: Originally listed at $18.5M, the rapper dropped the price of the estate to $8.5M last October (the price has dropped 10 times since it was originally listed). Then, last December, the mansion was listed as being available to rent for the chump change of $100K a month. Really, a month.

We don't know about you, but with all the extra hundreds of thousands of dollars that we have lying around at the end of every month, we can't really understand why more people haven't taken Mr. Cent up on the offer.

The home could probably house a small family comfortably, we'd like to think, with 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. Unsurprisingly, the maintenance costs are unimaginably high; it's been reported that the home costs a solid $67K for upkeep. Totally reasonable.

It boasts over 50,000 square feet of living space, sits on 17 acres, and has all of the amenities that every average American home has; a recording studio, a nightclub and an indoor pool, just to name a few.

Regardless of its price and, shall we say, "mild excessiveness", the estate is pretty mind-blowing.

Check it out below:

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