9 '90s Nickelodeon shows that shaped the 20-somethings we are today

Adults Respond To '90s Cartoons They Grew Up With
Adults Respond To '90s Cartoons They Grew Up With

Anyone who grew up in the '90s knows that the decade was not only filled with some amazing movies and music, but probably the best programming for kids and teens.

Thanks now to The Splat -- a nostalgia filled channel dedicated to all things '90s -- you are now able to relive some of the best shows Nick has ever made. Ever.

Here are nine of the best Nickelodeon shows that you most definitely need to revisit.

9.) Rocket Power

Skateboarding, surfing or mountain biking, Otto, Reggie, Twister and Sam were four friends who were up for just about anything. It's safe to say, every time we watched, we were always fantasizing about being part of that friend group. Woogity woogity woogity.

8.) The Wild Thornberrys

If there is one thing we took away after watching "The Wild Thornberrys" it was that we so desperately wanted to be part of this family. Liza was able to talk to animals, her eccentric father Nigel, what more do you want? Not only was it entertaining, but they taught us about wildlife and nature -- a great show with a message!

7.) The Legends of the Hidden Temple

Of course, we now know that the show is going to be made into a TV movie which is possibly some of the best news ever, but as a TV show, it was pretty darn good. The show, a mix between American Gladiator and Survivor, had every kid screaming at their TV screen insisting they could perform better than the contestants can.

6.) Catdog

If there was a program that show that two complete opposites can be best of friends, this was it. While they didn't always get along, they always had each other's back...mostly because they really didn't have a choice. We've posted the theme song below. You can thank us later.

5.) All That

The kids version of "Saturday Night Live," "All That" was the answer to every soon-to-be child comedian's dream. The sketches were always on point and best of all, it helped create the spin-off "The Amanda Show," for which we couldn't be any more grateful.

4.) Rugrats

Possibly the OG #Squadgoals, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica were infants yes, but somehow spoke to muses of all ages. The series remains as one of the most beloved and we 100% know why.

3.) Hey Arnold

Much like "Rugrats," "Hey Arnold" was also one of the best series on Nickelodeon. Not only did we all want friends like on "Hey Arnold," but we all wanted to grow up in that city living environment.

2.) Are You Afraid of the Dark

Easily the scariest program any network has ever placed on their channel line-up. With stories like "The Tale of the Fire Ghost" or "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float," you knew you were sleeping with the lights ON after watching this show. The opening credits are pretty much as scary as "American Horror Story."

1.) Double Dare: 2000

Easily the best program on Nickelodeon. Every kid and teen wanted to participate, and for sure we all wanted to be slimed. To go through the obstacles like a giant ear, or search for clues through a larger than life pizza, "Double Dare: 2000" was the ultimate dream.

And there you have it! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below while we go and search to see if there is a real-life "Double Dare: 2000" competition happening anywhere.

In the meantime, check out more '90s nostalgia in the gallery below!

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