12 confessions will help you realize how hard it actually is to be a chef

Isn't it just about everyone's dream to have a personal chef at your beck and call to serve you gourmet meals whenever you please? Of course, being on the receiving end of your favorite foods leaves nothing to complain about, but what about the person cooking the meals? Do chefs actually enjoy preparing your food as much as you enjoy eating it?

Several chefs took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share some downsides of their job that might actually surprise you.

1. After a long day of work, a chef probably wants to come home to a loving meal, just like anyone else:
I would love for somebody to cook for me. Since I

2. Little things, like salting your spaghetti, might hurt a chef more than you realize:

3. Loving your career doesn't necessarily mean you love your job:
Working as a chef can be awesome, but the hours are crap, last week I hit 80. Think I might get an office job, at least then I can have a girl friend and a social life.

4. The benefit of an endless supply of food is weighed against the disadvantage of having to sneak around to get it:

5. Seeing whether your loved ones enjoy your art is probably so nerve-wracking:

6. Just like actors probably don't want to put on a performance after a long day of shooting, a chef doesn't want to whip you up a 4-star meal after many hours in the kitchen:

7. Not all chefs operate on a formula:

8. A chef's social life suffers more than you realize because of his or her long hours:
Being a chef and trying to find someone to start a relationship is harder than you think. With 15+ hour days, its makes it really hard to do anything.

9. Give your compliments to the chef if you want an extra delicious entree:
I work as a chef and I always put more effort in when its for customers that I like

10. To an outsider, cooking might seem like a simple skill that's easily passed on:
I wish people would stop asking me how to cook when they learn I

11. Servers are often blamed or praised when a restaurant-goer is enjoying his or her meal:
I am a chef at a restaurant, and I

12. It's the simple things in life, guys:
I am a chef at a high end restaurant. My favorite food in the world is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It makes me happy.

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