11-year-old boy drills the first hole-in-one at Tiger Woods' new golf course

Tiger Woods Watches Boy Hit Hole-in-One at Bluejack National


The grand opening of Tiger Woods' new golf course, The Playgrounds at Bluejack National, was supposed to be a momentous event in and of itself. But even Tiger couldn't have predicted exactly how the first tee shot would go down.

Woods invited a group of child golfers to officially open the course, and 11-year-old Taylor Crozier had the honor of striking the first ever golfball at The Playgrounds -- and it sank right in for a hole-in-one.

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The fans in attendance went nuts, including Tiger, just as appalled as everyone else that bared witness -- even Taylor. Woods immediately congratulated the boy.

"Inaugural shot and he holes it!" Woods exclaimed to the crowd.

He later followed up with a tweet:

Woods also released a statement saying that he's slowly working on returning to golf at his home, chipping and putting with his son.

"The loser has to do pushups," Woods said.

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