Viral 'Goal Kitty' takes Internet by storm with unusual move

You know that thing you do when you're watching your favorite team play and they score?


Well Keys, a.k.a. "Goal Kitty," is a pro and the Internet just can't get enough.

It all started with a post on Imgur a few days ago titled, "so my friends cat does this..." with several photos of the flexible feline throwing her paws up in the air.

Imgur users loved it and immediately started coming up with funny captions, which of course led to even more hilarious memes.

Keys' owner started capturing snapshots of her chuckle-worthy stretch and eventually began rewarding her with treats for striking the pose, according to a Buzzfeed article.

After going viral with more than 300,000 views on Imgur, it was clear -- we need more Goal Kitty! You can now follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

See more images and memes of the adorable agile cat:

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Viral 'Goal Kitty' takes Internet by storm with unusual move
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