Unique Airbnb lets guests operate their own seaside bookstore


Book lovers, rejoice!

For those who feel as though they missed their opportunity to open up a quaint bookstore by the sea, have no fear, the option is now back on the table.

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Nestled in Wigtown, Scotland, an Airbnb listing has been getting a lot of traction lately from literature buffs, whose interests are piqued by the bookstore-within-a-cottage staycation.

The Open Book - a bookshop holiday!

Wigtown, United Kingdom

Nestled into the pristine lowlands, The Open Book is a charming bookshop with apartment above in the heart of Wigtown, Scotland's National Book Town. Live your dream of having your very own booksh...

Wigtown Holiday House Rentals

Created by a non-profit, the listing allows guests the freedom to interact with locals, aside from all the perks that come with the gig, (i.e. your own personal library). It also happens to be situated in Scotland's National Book Town, a hub that plays home to nine other bookstores, which means a lot of lit-obsessed tourists frequent the small business.

According to the ad, "The Open Book's aim is to celebrate books, independent bookshops and welcome people around the world to Scotland's National Book Town."

A stay at 'The Open Book' will set guests back around 28 pounds a night, or roughly $40, and claims that it will comfortably fit two people in the single bedroom above the shop.

If you want to see what life in the shop would be like, check out their community page, which allows previous guests the opportunity to blog about their stay at the unique home-away-from-home.

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