Twitter goes nuts over Chris Christie's reaction to Donald Trump's victory speech

Trump Wins Big, Says Rubio Had a Tough Night

By the time presidential candidate Donald Trump took the stage for a victory speech in Palm Beach, Florida, he had already been declared the winner of five key primaries on Super Tuesday.

But on Twitter, everyone was focused on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's face.

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Twitter reactions to Chris Christie and Donald Trump
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Twitter goes nuts over Chris Christie's reaction to Donald Trump's victory speech
Chris Christie is signalling for help. #DonaldTrump #trump #GOP #SuperTuesday
Chris Christie right now #SuperTuesday
That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my religion
Chris Christie has been re-enacting Mike Myers' "Uh-oh, Kanye is veering off the script... What do I do?" Face for 15 solid minutes.
Chris Christie looks like a guy who suddenly isn't sure if he turned the stove off before he left for work.
Chris Christie standing behind Trump now at his speech like a hatchet man... what is his role now? #SuperTuesday
Chris Christie looks like my dog when she realizes our car ride was to the vet
chris christie looking kinda feckless tbh

Christie who — suspended his struggling presidential campaign last month and endorsed Trumplast week — introduced Trump before stepping aside and letting Trump take the podium.

Christie looked less than enthusiastic throughout Trump's speech. Twitter was quick to notice, with thousands of users commenting on Christie's unusually stern expression.

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