These jobs can have a big impact on heart health

These Jobs Can Have a Big Impact on Heart Health

When people say their job is killing them, they might not be totally exaggerating.

A CDC study found seven factors linked to heart disease and stroke risk, including blood pressure, cholesterol, fasting glucose level, body mass index, smoking, physical activity, and diet.

And now there's proof there is a big connection between your job and those factors.

22 percent of transportation and material moving workers were smokers, the highest of any careers in the study.

Nearly 70 percent of sales employees didn't have ideal cholesterol levels, which are mainly affected by food choices.

82 percent of office and administrative support workers were seriously slacking in the physical activity department.

Meanwhile, police, firefighters and security guards can't catch a break.

When it came to protective services, a staggering 90 percent were likely to be overweight, 77 percent had not-so-great cholesterol levels and 35 percent were suffering from high blood pressure.

79 percent of food preparation and serving employees had a poor diet, the worst of any group.

One bright spot came from in the management and professional category, where workers did better overall than the other career areas. Still, 72 had sub-par eating habits.

So if you don't love what you do, and you fall into one of these sectors, it may be time to try and scrounge up a copy of "What Color Is Your Parachute?"

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