Price face-off: Generic vs. brand name products

Taste Test: Generic Vs. Name Brand. Can You Tell the Difference?
Taste Test: Generic Vs. Name Brand. Can You Tell the Difference?

Imagine walking down the baking aisle at your grocery store, stocking up on your favorite kitchen pantry staples. You reach for Ghirardelli Chocolate semi-sweet chocolate chips, but then see the generic Great Value semi-sweet chocolate chips on the shelf below for almost $1 less. You hesitate, pick up both bags and scan the ingredient lists for any major discrepancies.

The products look the same -- so what do you choose: the better name or the better price? Herein lies the brand dilemma, where consumers are often faced with the difficult decision of foregoing an item with a recognized and trusted name for a store brand version for a few dollars less.

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Not taking taste or texture into account, we compared the prices of popular brand name foods with their generic counterpart to identify the exact cost trade-off of choosing name over value. We used Wal-Mart's 'Great Value' store brand products consistently in comparison with the biggest brand names, respectively.

Are you willing to give up Chobani, Jif and Kellogg's to save a few extra bucks -- or does it pay off to splurge? After seeing the prices below, you may want to think twice next time you're at the grocery store.

View the prices of 10 generic vs. brand name products:

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