Mother issues warning after daughter uses seeds from 'suicide tree' to take her own life

Mother Issues Warning to Parents About Deadly Seed After Daughter's Death
Mother Issues Warning to Parents About Deadly Seed After Daughter's Death

A mother is issuing a warning to parents after her daughter committed suicide. Lucia Anderson, a 22-year-old transgender woman, died in February after ingesting pong pong seeds purchased online from Thailand.

The seeds grows on the Cerbera odollam plant, known as the "suicide tree" or "pong pong." The plant is listed under the FDA's poisonous plant database and its seeds contain a poison that causes the heart to stop.

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Police found evidence that Anderson paid $1 and $4 in shipping for the seeds, WLS-TV reports.

Anderson's mom, Natosha Anderson, described her death as painful and slow, recounting that she found her on the bathroom floor.

Lucia Anderson died at Franciscan St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond, Indiana, according to WLS-TV.

Anderson's mom is speaking out to make sure no one else suffers like her daughter. "I think if I can save one person or make one person aware of what's going on and what people are selling," she said. "If I can save one life, just one."

Doctors told WLS-TV this is the first local case they are aware of.

"I genuinely hope this is an isolated incident, but we need to be aware that it could potentially get worse," said Dr. Shubhrajan Wadyal, a child psychiatrist, "And we have to do everything we can to protect our children."

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