McDonald's to roll out virtual reality goggles in their Happy Meals

McDonald's Turns Happy Meals Into VR Goggles

If there were ever any evidence that virtual reality has been going mainstream, it's the recent decision by McDonald's to dabble in the hottest tech craze.

America's favorite fast-food chain has jumped on the bandwagon, implementing "Happy Goggles" on their kid's meals by way of the iconic red boxes. The foolproof concept calls for kids to tear apart the limited edition Happy Meal box along the perforated lines, fold and then insert the VR lenses that are included in the box. From there, you insert a smartphone and -- voila -- your kid has their own VR toy.

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According to their website, the 3,500 some limited edition boxes will be available at 14 separate restaurants. The only catch is that the goggles will only be in Sweden at first, explaining that they, "hope to be able to roll it out in your country soon."

It seems that the only criticisms folks have had with the announcement is that the food chain is steering away from the 'active' and 'healthy' lifestyle they've been promoting in recent years for children.

If you happen to be in the Scandinavian country over the weekends of March 5 and March 12, be sure to pick one up -- if not, it looks like you'll have to wait like the rest of us.

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