Mad Berners accuse Bill Clinton of ruining Super Tuesday

Clinton Campaigns In Mass. On Super Tuesday
Clinton Campaigns In Mass. On Super Tuesday

If you listen to furious Bernie Sanders die-hards, Bill Clinton, former POTUS, is running around America waging a one-man war on our democracy. Mr. Clinton was out on the trail for his wife on Super Tuesday and caused an mini-uproar when he strayed too close to a polling station.

Bill was alongside Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Tuesday, greeting election workers and voters at the Holy Name Church, located in West Roxbury, Boston, according to MassLive. At the polling station, Clinton reportedly spoke with voters, posed for photos, smooched an old woman and purchased a cup of coffee. When a woman asked for a photo inside the polling station, Clinton said, "As long as we're not violating any election laws."

But perhaps he was! Massachusetts law prohibits vote solicitation within 150 feet of a polling station. Many claim, however, that Clinton, who visited four polling stations in the eastern part of the state on Tuesday, was much closer than that during some of his visits.

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Irate Bernie Sanders supporters have taken to support pages and chatrooms in order to raise awareness of what they're calling blatant vote obstruction by the former president—with the kind of fervor that usually comes from people whose candidate is losing.

"He is blocking access to the polling stations, and is definitely not in compliance with the law barring campaign activities from taking place on election days at polling stations," wrote Kayla Farrell, a Democratic activist from Clark County, Washington, in a petition being passed around on the Bernie Builders Slack channel, which counts more than 3,300 members, Tuesday afternoon. "It's the traffic jam his presence is creating that's keeping people from voting."

Farrell's petition also shared the experience of a Sanders voter in New Bedford who claimed to have experienced similar difficulty in approaching polling stations during Clinton's visit. Meanwhile, Boston Magazine reported on Clinton also visiting the Newton Free Library, another polling station.

On Reddit, Sanders backers posted photos, videos and Google Maps locations in an effort to show Bill Clinton had broken the law. The forum, Sanders For President, even got a hashtag off the ground: #MoveBillGetOutTheWay.

Admitting there might have technically been a rule broken, Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin told the New York Times on Tuesday that, "We had to remind some of our poll workers that even a president can't go inside and work a polling place."

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