Los Angeles' Museum of Broken Relationships may be the perfect way to heal your aching heart

Dating Expert Reveals Warning Signs That It's Time To Break Up
Dating Expert Reveals Warning Signs That It's Time To Break Up

Everyone can agree that break-ups are hard.

While it's easy to have your own pity party days, even weeks, after the traumatic end, nothing feels more satisfying than throwing out anything (and everything) that reminds you of your failed romance.

But have you ever thought: "Is there another way to heal my aching heart?"

Yes, and it's just as easy as making a trip to your nearest trash can.

The city of Los Angeles announced it will soon open up its very own Museum of Broken Relationships based on the original exhibit in Croatia -– and your healing heart is needed.

The founders, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, were two artists who dated for four years but broke up in 2003. Their sad split was the inspiration behind a museum that showcases mementos from people's failed relationships.

So where do you come in? The Los Angeles museum is encouraging people to donate old relics that serve as a heartbreaking reminder of their former flame.

The Museum of Broken Relationships welcomes all entries -– no matter how weird. The original museum features items such as fuzzy pink handcuffs and even an incredibly sharp axe dubbed the "Ex Axe."

That hideous sculpture your ex-girlfriend thought would look great in the living room? Or how about that palm pilot you got as a Valentine's Day present? The weirder, the better!

The new attraction will feature 70 items from the original museum in Croatia and 30 items donated by Angelenos. Interested? You can fill out the form here.

While you may be hurting now, think of how much better you'll feel knowing that your misery has helped someone heal his or her own broken heart.

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