How to get a job working for a blog

By: Waiting on Martha


This is not a post about how to start a blog. Instead, I'm excited to share tips on how to get a job working for a blog. I come from a PR background, and I used to be "on the other side" when it came to blogger outreach and sponsored campaigns. I loved the creative ways we collaborated with bloggers to craft campaigns and sell products.

After about two and a half years in The Real World, I took inventory of what I felt I needed as a creative outlet, and searched for a career path that I was truly passionate about. I realized I wasn't necessarily "creating" anything (I'm still working on my cooking skills, my photography and calligraphy), so I knew I didn't want to start from the ground up on my own blog. To be honest, the thought of doing that terrified me, and I didn't have as much of a desire to be the one in front of the camera. I did know, however, that I was passionate about the digital space, I was reading a ton of blogs, and I found myself continually fascinated with the way bloggers and marketing go hand-in-hand. The job title of "Editor" always intrigued me (I was a yearbook girl in high school!), and the blogosphere offered an intriguing opportunity to me to pursue an editorial role in a fast-paced, creative scene.

If any of this resonates with you, then you'll appreciate my six straight-forward tips on how to get a job working for a blog. Since it's such an innovative time to pursue a job on this career path, the most important thing to remember is be flexible. I've talked before about the importance of being flexible, and it's crucial with landing a job like this. Timing may not line up, the position may be in another city, it may just be a part-time job starting out. But if you get a little creative about how to make it work, the rewards are second to none. You'll then find yourself in a job that challenges and excites you, you'll be working with insanely inspiring people...and you'll pinch yourself on a normal basis that this is really your job.

1. Start following bloggers and brands that inspire you
This may go without saying, but if you're not spending a lot of time reading blogs, perusing Instagram, digging on posts you find on your news feed and pinning like crazy, a job working for a blog may not be for you. Understanding the flow of digital sharing and what goes into running a successful blog is just as important as feeling passionate about calligraphy, entertaining, fashion, interiors, styling, etc.

2. Engage and share content that interests you
Comment on blog posts and social media posts, and support the tastemakers you enjoy. Follow popular industry sites that highlight your favorite bloggers and brands, read their interviews and share what gets you going on your own channels. A great place to start: My Domaine, Who What Wear, Style Me Pretty Living, Lonny and Rue Magazine.

3. Make inventory of your skill set
Create a list of things you're good at, things you enjoy doing, topics you care about. Are you extremely detail oriented? Do you have experience working for an events company? Have you worked on set with photoshoots before? Do you have experience with email marketing from a previous job? Do you live-tweet the Bachelor every week? It all can play a part in your skill set working for a blog.

I knew when I was creating my list that I understood social media, so I got my foot in the door with MKR here at WOM through a small social media role. I was also interested in consulting, editorial content and graphic design, and now I'm able to list all of those on my job description. (FYI: You'll end up wearing a lot of hats working for a blogger!)

4. Consider a blog as a business, and brainstorm ways you can fit in the puzzle
Blogs are booming. And many sites that have been around for at least a few years are in a position to expand their editorial and marketing teams. By brainstorming ways that you could bring something to the table, you can definitely appeal to the boss, even if there's no job listing posted! That could mean help on set on shoot days, administrative help on the backend, graphic design projects here and there. Here at WOM, we believe that a great team is all about the personal connection, so if it's the right person that cares about joining the team to help our cause, we'll think of ways to get them in on the fun.

5. Research available opportunities
Blogs and lifestyle websites generally always post about openings on social media, primarily Instagram and Facebook. Another helpful way to discover available opportunities is by scouring job boards on popular sites like The Everygirl (this is where I found a listing to become an unpaid intern with WOM),Fashionista and I Want Her Job. Also check out Career Girl Daily for relevant advice while on the job search.

Consider attending fun, informative networking events like The Southern C Summit, which is open to online influencers, social media junkies, creative entrepreneurs, business owners new and old, and bloggers (we'll be there!). And don't forget to check out job listings on LinkedIn, though it's definitely geared for more conventional positions at larger businesses.

6. Email the blogger with the proposition to join the team
If you don't see a job listening, don't be discouraged. Don't wait for your dream job! You know what they say, you can't get what you want without asking for it. Prepare your resume and cover letter, and make the introduction. Be clear about your interest in joining the team, and give ideas about what you can possibly do to help. Bloggers' inboxes are FULL, so don't be put out if you don't hear back immediately. Follow up in a week or two, and keep the dialogue open for future opportunities.

I 100% encourage your dreams of working for a blog, and I am happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Have you started the search? Where do you search for blogging job opportunities? Have you recently landed a job working for a blog? Good luck and Cheers, Kat

P.S. And if at any point you need a little reminder to keep hustlin', maybe put this guy on your desk.

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