Here is Meryl Streep and a bunch of food

Meryl Streep Clarifies 'We're All Africans' Remark
Meryl Streep Clarifies 'We're All Africans' Remark

Warning: When diehard Meryl Streep fans find the Instagram account @tasteofstreep, they could have some issues focusing for a few minutes, experience a case of shaky hands, and unsteady legs. Dizziness and shortness of breath might occur.

Sixteen-year-old me, who was writing down her list of must-watch Meryl movies instead of taking notes in chemistry class, would have seen this account, squealed, and fell on the floor. Twenty-three-year-old me is going to attempt professionalism and pretend she did not experience all of the above symptoms.

These days, M. Streep has made life interesting, recently stating at the Berlin film festival that "we are all Africans, really," which just resulted in my whispering, "No, no, no, no, no" a bunch of times and retorting with a big Miranda Priestly eye roll.

But it's been a few weeks of lady heroes saying things that maybe aren't so great (ie. Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright). And in times of disappointment, we need brilliant Instagram accounts like this one, of Meryl Streep just lounging in a bunch of foods. Because Meryl love is unconditional love.

There are so many to select from (all the cover photo choices!), but here are some of the best gems:

Avo-toast Meryl

Cannoli Queen

Sultry Sriacha Streep

Mozzo Meryl

Life's not complicated in a bath of mac.

Hey! That's nacho Oscar!

Sour cream, a-la 1970s Vogue Meryl

"Margaret Hatcher"

Always want Samoa Meryl

Can't get enough Meryl? Look back through her career in the gallery below:

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