Billionaire investor Carl Icahn: 'Donald Trump is what this country needs'

Is Donald Trump Unstoppable?
Is Donald Trump Unstoppable?

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn called into Fox Business Network's Super Tuesday coverage to tell Neil Cavuto that Donald Trump is "what this country needs at this time."

Trump has repeatedly mentioned Icahn throughout his campaign, mentioning him during rallies and media appearances. This has resulted in speculation that Icahn is aiming for a role in Trump's administration.

Icahn through the years:

"Maybe in the background, I certainly would be happy to talk to Donald and discuss different problems with him," Icahn said. "I'm certainly not going to get into the government."

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The 80-year-old investor went on to say that Trump is a "conservative" and "Republican," but criticized how the GOP establishment is acting and compared it to the final days before the French revolution.

Watch the video below.

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