8 anti-aging tips from the ultimate celebrity Glam Squad

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Aging may be inevitable, but there are many beneficial steps you can take to mature gracefully. With a bit of help from Hollywood's top celebrity Glam Squad, we've created a crash course in maintaining an effortlessly youthful look. Incorporate these simple practices into your daily routine for a fresh, vibrant aesthetic.

1. Nighttime Is the Right Time
Keeping your complexion youthful requires a dedicated nighttime cleansing ritual. In other words, ditch the bad habit of falling asleep with your makeup on. Follow the advice of celebrity makeup artist Sir John, who strongly recommends removing all makeup before hitting the sheets. After thoroughly washing your face, apply a nighttime moisturizer for additional hydration and a multifunctional eye cream to rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes.

2. You Are What You Eat
A wholesome, healthy diet becomes ever more important for glowing skin as you age. To decrease puffiness, focus on consuming anti-inflammatory foods that increase cell turnover, such as almonds, olive oil and kale. Combat dark circles by stocking up on circulation-improving foods like brussels sprouts and red bell peppers.

3. Be Kind to Your Hair
Hair follicles become drier and more brittle over time, requiring extra TLC as you age. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak recommends selecting gentle shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for "tress relief." As frequent washings can further strip stressed-out strands of their natural oils, Roszak recommends occasionally replacing a traditional shampoo formula with a multifunctional cleansing balm to simultaneously clean, condition, treat, detangle and soften hair.

4. Oil, Oil and More Oil
Consider oils another secret weapon against the outward signs of aging your hair betrays. Oil-based products serve double duty in tackling the fragility and dryness of aging hair while functioning as an excellent styling solution. Roszak recommends applying hair oil to damp strands immediately after showering as a detangler, and then throughout the day as needed.

5. Tame the Gray
Gray hair is a telltale indicator of age. However, unwanted silver strands are easy to disguise with the aid of a root touch-up spray, especially when a last-minute appointment at the salon isn't feasible.

6. Know the Blush Basics
Sir John advises that mastering the radiance-to-matte ratio of blush, bronzer and highlighter is key to a youthful visage. First, ensure that your T-zone is matte. Next, focus shimmery blush and highlighter application on the cheekbones and brow bone only. Lighter blushes and highlighters work best on the apples of the cheeks and sides of the face. Finally, use bronzer and dark blush to define the contours of your cheeks.

7. Pamper Your Pout
We tend to focus on the skin around our eyes as we grow older, but it's equally important to lavish attention on your lips. The sensitive skin on lips thins as we age, leading to increased dryness and flaking. Sir John suggests increasing hydration with -- of all things -- eye cream or rose oil to decrease fine lines and heal parched lips. When applying color, consider opting for a matte lip pen to achieve an on-trend look without removing much-needed moisture.

8. All About the Eyes
Sir John insists that the right eye-makeup routine can work wonders to revive tired-looking eyes for a more youthful gaze. First, apply a rich taupe shadow to the crease of each lid to make eyes pop. Next, Sir John recommends, line your top lids in a soft, creamy liner. Angle the liner upward when you get to the outer edges to lift the eyes. If you choose to line your lower lids, use an earthy brown eyeliner in lieu of a harsh black shade. Polish off the look with a primer/mascara duo to create exceptionally thick lashes. For bright doe eyes, apply mascara in the center of the lashes directly above your pupils; if you're channeling a more feline vibe, focus the mascara on the outer edges of your eyes.

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8 anti-aging tips from the ultimate celebrity Glam Squad

Why stick to a tedious template when you can smudge, stripe and smear your way to cosmetic brilliance? While past seasons enforced the importance of a precise cat eye and perfectly lined lip, 2016 is all about artistic experimentation, from a dash of glossy eyeshadow to a swirl of bright blush applied outside the apples of the cheeks.

Tip: Scribble your way to a seriously staggering, smoldering stare with a satiny eye pencil that glides on seamlessly and blends in effortlessly.


Dive into spring 2016’s bounty of deep blue hues by embracing tranquil shades of cobalt, cornflower, cerulean or understated color of the year Serenity. Whichever shade you choose, setting your lids awash in cool tones will ensure you’re ready for the spring season.

Tip: To avoid appearing more mermaid than modern, concentrate especially saturated blue hues along the lash line. Transform your favorite powder eyeshadow formula into an intensified eyeliner by dampening a dedicated liner brush with water before application.


Alternative rockers of the ’80s are the matriarchs of spring’s graphic eyeliner trend. Join the ranks of beauty renegades with misplaced eyeliner and streaky, contoured lids striking enough to be labeled art nouveau.

Tip: Channel your inner rebel by applying a thin line of inky ebony eyeliner midway between the lash line and lid crease for a modernized cat eye.


Pantone’s latest color of the year announcement heralded 2016 as the return of pastels with soft Serenity and ethereal Rose Quartz. Take the trend to its logical root by setting your head aglow in pale highlights to set off spring’s soothing, pastel palette.

Tip: Apply subtly smoky pastel highlights to random sections of hair for a creative coiff no one would dare label “basic.”


This year’s answer to beachy waves is so much more than strategically undone curls. Consider the ’do du jour your natural texture, only better. Tousled curls and relaxed ripples are game-changers for the coming months, especially for those who aren’t afraid to finally embrace their unique beauty.

Tip: Healthy hair is hydrated hair. Preserve your luster by saturating hair cuticles with a dollop of cleansing conditioner, which rids hair of buildup while maintaining moisture to elevate air-dried locks.


Purveyors of the pretty milkmaid plait, braided crown and couture cornrow: don’t retire the fierce music festival staple style just yet. Whether windswept, slicked back or somewhere in between, spring 2016 is prime time to fall in love with a romantic, woven braided updo.

Tip: Coax stick-straight strands to new heights by kneading a palmful of volumizing mousse into clean, moistened hair before heat styling.


Upend your reliance on natural eye makeup this season by opting for a daring and bright-eyed gaze. Lend the twinkle in your eye additional star power with a pinch of gleaming powder eyeshadow for an exceptionally sultry look.

Tip: To take your shimmering eyeshadow from happy hour at dusk to dancing till dawn, prep lids with a primer before sweeping on a layer of glittering eyeshadow. Polish off the look with dark, lacquered lashes.


Tantalizingly soft, touchable tresses are always in style. Whether you prefer to wear your hair wavy or streamlined and straight, the proper conditioning products can add just the right shine for a dazzling ’do.

Tip: Whip your strands into shape by smoothing a dime-sized amount of sheen-inducing hair oil through your mane before styling with a hair dryer or straightening iron.


For the best springtime selfies, forget your favorite filters and give your epidermis a top-to-bottom beauty treatment instead.

Tip: Moisture is key for luminosity, so layer a lightweight, hydrating oil underneath your daily moisturizer to achieve oh-so Like-able skin. Massage four or five drop of facial oil into clean skin during your morning makeup routine to impart a healthy glow, guaranteed.


Kiss lackluster lips goodbye and envelop your pout in a cheeky red. Mimic the runway’s velvety lips by first exfoliating dead skin cells and then selecting a long-wearing lip gloss that dries to a matte finish.

Tip: Begin with a small “x” to mark the cupid’s bow before swiping on a matte lip gloss in the crimson color family to maintain the longevity of your look.


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