10 people explain why they swear by self-medicating with nature

There are plenty of ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Some people find relief through talk therapy or psychiatry, but others turn to more DIY methods of mental healing. Sometimes, the most relaxing and soothing coping mechanisms are way more accessible to us than we realize. In fact, the natural beauty of the world around us is often all you need to find peace.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain how they find therapy within nature.

1. Not being surrounded by people might help you focus on what you need:
I can

2. What's more soothing and awe-inspiring than the natural beauty of the wilderness?
Just being outside and taking in the beauty of nature helps relax me.

3. Plenty of people find happiness in physical labor and exercise:
Hiking through the woods and seeing nature is my source of therapy

4. Sometimes, silence says so much:
There is something so calming and satisfying about sitting outside, at night, listing only to nature.

5. Sometimes there's no way to find your own inner-strength without spending quality time alone:
Instead of Normal Therapy I go to Nature to sort out my problems. I find the strength within myself while surrounded by Nature.

6. The positive feelings evoked by nature don't stop at serenity -- several people also find pure joy:

7. A visit to the wilderness can stand to rejuvenate your motivations:
Being alone in the wilderness is when I feel the happiest, most peaceful, and most alive. The absence of man made noise renews my soul.

8. Watching the natural world thrive might inspire you to do the same:
Nature is such an amazing thing. Just the endless possibilities of plants and life!

9. Claiming responsibility for your own healing can evoke extreme pride:
I prefer self medication and unconventional therapy to anti-depressants and doctors. Being in nature is the best therapy there is.

10. Ironically, the simplest of methods might affect the most complex emotions:
The only place I can actually hear myself think is out in nature. Everything is so effortlessly simple.

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This method is not for naught -- some of our beloved veterans often use it to cope:
Disabled Veterans Use Nature as Therapy

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