World's best and worst passports ranked

World's Best And Worst Passports Ranked

If you're planning to travel around the globe, you will no doubt need your passport, but do you know how powerful it is compared to those of other countries?

London's consulting firm Henley & Partners recently looked at all of them and ranked them according to their might.

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Higher spots were given to documents that allow the greatest ease of travel by requiring the least amount of additional paperwork or permissions.

Germany came out on top, with passports that allow visa-free entry to 177 of the 218 countries counted.

Second place, with open travel to 176 nations, was awarded to Sweden.

Third was a tie between Finland, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK, each having uncomplicated access to 175.

174 was the threshold to claim a piece of the fourth spot.

Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, and the United States all met the qualification.

Nations on the opposite end include Afghanistan with 25 and Pakistan with 29.

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