U of U: 'The only cougar I like is your mom' shirt unrelated to clothier's license revocation

Clothing Company at Odds With University Over Controversial Shirt

SALT LAKE CITY (KSTU) — A Salt Lake City clothier has lost its collegiate license from the University of Utah, citing a recent social media post showing a t-shirt with the words "The Only Cougar I Like Is Your Mom."

According to a press release from Offside Apparel, the t-shirt was designed and sold by Salt Lake Clothing Company on the Running Red Shirts Facebook page.

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Offside Apparel co-founder Scott Klimt told FOX 13 he designed the shirt.

Klimt said his marketing business, G. Scott Inc., currently owns Salt Lake Clothing Company, but Offside Apparel will own Salt Lake Clothing Company beginning in April 2016.

"It's disappointing. Offside Apparel didn't design, sell, or profit in any way from 'The Only Cougar I Like is Your Mom' shirt. We shared the design on social media because it is relevant to our target market. There are some misunderstandings but ultimately we were too close to it," wrote Offside Apparel owner Nate Bowen in the press release.

University of Utah Trademarks & Licensing Director Brett Eden said the decision to revoke Offside Apparel's collegiate license was unrelated to the "The Only Cougar I Like Is Your Mom" shirt.

"Our objection has nothing to do with that shirt," Eden told FOX 13. "It is my understanding however, that BYU does have an objection to it."

Eden said Offside Apparel's license to manufacture and sell U of U merchandise was revoked because they repeatedly sold merchandise without seeking the university's final approval on the designs.

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