This real life optical illusion gets more confusing the longer you look at it


A photo of a seemingly impossible construction site is making waves on the Internet. The photo was first posted by Reddit user zibin in 2015, but has popped up again on social media.

The photo has been named "Accidental Escher," after the Dutch artist M.C. Escher who is known for his mind-boggling optical illusions.

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The photo shows two construction workers working on a bridge, but the angle of the photo makes it seem impossible that the machine the workers are standing on could reach underneath the bridge.

While the picture is confusing and could take hours to discover what's actually going on, the answer is quite simple.

The construction lift that the workers are standing on has a crane arm that can move horizontally and vertically. In the picture, the crane is positioned towards the camera in a way that makes the bizarre illusion.

If you still don't get what's happening in the picture, one Reddit user created a simple drawing to help explain the illusion:

See 10 amazing optical illusions below:

10 Incredible Optical Illusions
10 Incredible Optical Illusions

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