This photo of a Dodgers pitcher's broken arm is disgusting

Los Angeles Dodgers End of Season Preview
Los Angeles Dodgers End of Season Preview


Pitcher Josh Ravin enjoyed an exciting year in 2015 -- finally making it to the Major Leagues with the Los Angeles Dodgers after spending almost a decade in the minors. His 2016, though, hasn't been so kind.

Already battling an illness during this year's spring training, Ravin was involved in a car accident on Monday, suffering a broken radial bone in his left arm. He should be able to continue his career, since the injury is to his non-throwing arm. But the 28-year-old will still need to undergo surgery, recovery and rehab.

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Thankfully, Ravin seems to be taking this all in stride.

And after seeing the photograph of his arm before surgery, it's hard to imagine how.

Seriously, his arm is messed up. We're gonna embed the photo below, but be warned, it's very gross, and looks nothing close to what any normal arm should look like.

If things like this make you uncomfortable, you probably should stop scrolling right now.

You've been warned.


Credit Ravin for both the positive outlook after his injury, and the Harry Potter reference.

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