Seeing eye goat is inseparable from his blind best friend

Seeing Eye Goat Is Inseparable from His Blind Best Friend

Meet Marcia and Maurice -- two inseparable BFFs.

Marcia was born blind, rejected by her mother and taken in by animal rescue organization, Farm Sanctuary.

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Staff members do all they can for the little goat, from vet appointments to bottle feeding and massages -- but they have nearly 300 other animals to care for, so they can't be with her every minute of the day.

Photo: Farm Sanctuary

She may look sweet and chill, but staffers say when they would leave, Marcia would flip out and get all nervous having to do things herself -- until Maurice came into the picture.

Now, Maurice is her seeing eye goat and her new best friend. They play together, eat together and even sleep on the same hay bale.

With Maurice leading the way, Marcia has memorized the lay of the land -- and staff members say she even stops short of the fence, because she knows how many steps it takes just before she bumps into it.

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