Remember Summer Sanders, the OG host of Nickelodeon's 'Figure it Out'? Check out what the slime queen is up to now!

'Figure It Out' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Big Time Rush
'Figure It Out' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Big Time Rush

Slime. Every child in the 90's had one dream, and one dream only: to be slimed.

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While we all were hoping to audition for a spot on "Double Dare: 2000," we were also gunning for a spot on Nickelodeon's "Figure It Out!" As you may or may not know, "Figure It Out" got a reboot a few years ago, but there is nothing like the original.

"Figure It Out" featured a panel of celebrity guests, all from Nickelodeon shows, and would have to guess the hidden talents or secrets of the young contestants...hence figure it out. Of course, if they answered incorrectly, nine times out of 10 they would be slimed, and it was glorious.


That had us wondering: What ever happened to "Figure It Out" host, Summer Sanders? Summer was an Olympic swimmer, casual, who also hosted this Nickelodeon game show. Here's a bit of a refresher:

Honestly, could you get any more 90's than those photos? We did some digging and found out what Summer is up to now!

Turns out, the two-time gold medal winner did not shy away from hard work. Sanders, who is extremely active on social media, keeps her day busy not only being a wife and mother, but she also has her own website! is a lifestyle website that's a nod to all things Summer: family, travel, and of course, swimming!

Can we also talk about how this woman has not aged at all. Just check out her Instagram!

Nevertheless, we will always be dreaming about being slimed. Always.

Check out more 90's love in the gallery below!

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