Photographer and his 'giant' dog are the perfect partners in crime

Photographer and his 'giant' dog are the perfect partners in crime

Like the modern day Lewis and Clark, photographer Christopher Cline and his dog Juji have been exploring the picturesque landscapes of the Midwest and documenting their travels appropriately. The first thing you may notice, however, is not the beautiful scenery in the background, but the size of Juji, Cline's mammoth partner-in-crime.

While it may appear as though he has acquired the cutest, most cuddly giant in all of the land, it's all just the product of Cline's awe-inspiring photoshop skills. The result is an Instagram account that could double as a children's book, and has amassed him over 25K followers for his 2,000 some posts.

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According to Cline, "I have found a new outlook on life and in my artwork and I owe it all to him. It's amazing how much power a puppy can carry into your life [...] I just wanted to share a little of our adventures together."

The edited photos show the duo hiking, skiing and running about the Minnesota terrain, but also shows off their chill activities in images of them napping and story time.

Check out more imaginative pics of the duo below:

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