Marco Rubio is doing surprisingly well in a key state

Rubio Knocks Trump University
Rubio Knocks Trump University

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio's critics have repeatedly highlighted the fact that he was not expected to win any of the swath of "Super Tuesday" primaries and caucuses.

But in Virginia — a major state and one of the first primaries to wrap up voting — Rubio is doing surprisingly well, according to CNN's exit polls.

The surveys found GOP frontrunner Donald Trump leading Rubio just 34% to 31% in Virginia.

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Trump is nevertheless expected to have a good night on Tuesday, with the notable exception of Texas. Polls found Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas leading in his home state.

Exit polls haven't always been reliable in past states, but with about 50% of the results in so far, Rubio is just a couple points behind Trump, according to the state's department of elections.

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