Designer tips: How to sell your home in a week

By: Better Decorating Bible

Putting your home up on the market can be tricky, daunting, and sometimes very confusing! Follow our expert tips on how to get your home ready to sell in a week:

Hire A Good Real Estate Agent

The first step to success is to find a good agent. Look for someone local that knows your area and the market. For example, the estate agents in Leeds are used to selling all kinds of properties in the area, including starter homes that tend to be small. They know how to photograph these compact homes to show off the limited space. They will also help you sell your home faster and secure the best possible price for it.

Deep Clean and De-clutter

Before you put your house on the market, and preferably before the estate agent comes round to take the photos, de-clutter your home. Any junk you've been keeping around, remove it to give your property a more spacious feel. Store away anything personal like family photos to make your guest buyers feel like they came into their own home, not somebody else's.

Clean, then Clean Again!

The cleaner your home is the more likely it is to sell. When looking at property, people pick up on the little things, so they are likely to notice any dirty spots in your home. You do not want a prospective buyer to notice that the gap between your washing machine and fridge is dirty and get the impression they will have to scrub the kitchen for days to get it clean enough for them to use.

Repaint if Necessary

If you have scuffs, marks, and dirt on your walls, it is really worth taking a couple of hours to touch it up. Paint is cheap, and can be done by mostly anyone. Decorate with neutral colors, and consider painting your whole floor in one color. This will make it look a lot bigger, and seamlessly blend all the rooms together into one.

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