Chantel Jeffries reveals what's in store for her new YouTube channel

Chantel Jeffries On Upcoming Projects
Chantel Jeffries On Upcoming Projects

Chantel Jeffries is no stranger to social media. Amassing over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 400,000 on Vine, 219,000 on Facebook and over 150,000 on Twitter within the past five years, Jeffries is a seasoned pro in every sense of the word. So, it's safe to say that her newest social-focused project will undoubtedly join the ranks of her other fan-favorite channels.

Jeffries recently re-launched her YouTube channel, turning it into a hub for fashion, beauty, cooking, fitness, and viral videos. It will be an insider look into her life, taking users through her day-to-day routine (including of course, cameos by her cat Oliver). She's also letting her fans in on her creative process, allowing them to voice their own opinions for video ideas. As Jeffries notes in her very first video, "This is our space where we can do whatever we want." Having a direct say in your favorite YouTuber's videos is an offer too good to pass up, if we do say so ourselves.

Recently, we caught up with Chantel Jeffries about all things social media. Ahead, find out how Jeffries's social media channels came to life, what's in store for her latest YouTube venture, and more!

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What lead to the creation of your first social media channel?
I started social media through Instagram first. I started posting pictures of my life and friends, like me going to the beach or working out, and my following just grew. Then I started modeling and expanded more into other parts of social media, like Vine, and Snapchat, and now I'm focusing on YouTube.


Was there ever a moment that you can remember that pinpointed when your Instagram blew up?
I think everything had pretty consistent growth over time, but I've seen certain pictures of mine go viral on the Internet. They just end up in so many place and they're all just random photos too that will go viral. When it happens, I just think to myself about how weird it is!

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What's your favorite platform to use?
Snapchat because you can show off your personality in a more intimate setting and you get the chance to interact with your fans. If you turn your account on public, fans have the opportunity to send you pictures or videos. And you can turn it off and just snap everyone and take them through your day with you, which is pretty cool.

How would you describe dynamic between you and your fans? Is it a supportive relationship?
Yeah, especially through Snapchat, I feel like since followers feel like they know you, they tend to really support you. My Snapchat followers really do feel involved in my life.

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Why did you decide to relaunch your YouTube channel?
I've always wanted to do more YouTube and I didn't have the right resources at the time to do it. I can't sit down and edit a video; I can barely make a PowerPoint or send an email. Literally, everyone yells at me and says "Respond to your emails!" but I really don't know how to do it. For a while now, I've been really into watching YouTube videos, and I wanted to be able to show people what I'm doing with my makeup or cooking, or just my day-to-day life. And before I thought that I wasn't going to be able to edit and do all the stuff, but now that I'm getting the right people on board, I'm excited to relaunch my channel!

What's something fans will be surprised to learn about you with all your new personal YouTube content?
I think that I was leading on a lot of topics on Snapchat first, like I'll do things such as making cooking tutorials on Snapchat. So I think people who follow me on Snapchat won't be too surprised; it will be a cleaner, better version of what I'm doing there. But for people on Instagram, since not everyone who follows me there follows me on Snapchat, it will be a surprise.

You're doing so many projects right now at once. Where do you see your career going in five years?
I feel like everything is shifting so heavily onto digital -- especially television and film, because there's now this emergence of videos on YouTube or Netflix -- so I feel like doing the same projects that I'm doing, but really focusing on a digital medium. But also acting and modeling as well. Plus, I'm getting really involved in fashion now, so we'll see!

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