Bizarre new nail trend will give you flashbacks to kindergarten

Manicurists Compete for Top Honours at Canada Nail Cup
Manicurists Compete for Top Honours at Canada Nail Cup

The beauty world has come up with some unusual, creative and artsy trends from bubble nails to furry nails, but this bizarre new fad has a touch of nostalgia to it.

You may remember doing arts and crafts that looked something like this back in kindergarten.

Remember those fun little poof balls? Well now they're the next big nail thing.

You can go big and eye-catching with giant poofs.

Or you can go a little more discreet with mini poofs.

It does raise one very important hygiene question, however -- what happens when you have to wash your hands? This nail site has some suggestions.

And why stop at just adding pom poms to nails? Some have already started applying the trend to other accessories.

See more photos of how people have gotten creative with pom pom nails:

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