Why we have a Leap Day

Why We Have A Leap Day

Happy Leap Day everybody! But why do we care that the shortest month of the year gets a little longer every four years? Well, for one, it actually takes earth a little more than just 365 days to go around the sun. Specifically, about 365.2422 days. So to balance things out we get an extra day every four years.

But let's backtrack. The reason February is so short in the first place is because some old Roman Emperor got upset. Way back in the day, August only had 29 days, and July had 31. Cesar Augustus got mad that Julius Caesar had a longer month than he did, so ole Augustus added two more days to August and robbed February!

For centuries after, we've been giving February a little extra boost when we need to offset the Earth's journey around the sun. Plus now we get a bunch of crazy traditions, superstitions, and deals on travel and food.

Not only can you find leap day deals at Foot Locker, Lane Bryant, and Urban Outfitters, but if you're in Ireland, or you're Amy Adams, women can propose to men like in her 2010 movie "Leap Year".

If you want to book some travel, sites like Expedia and Travelocity are offering 29 percent and 30 percent discounts today. Arby's is oddly enough offering a vegetarian menu just for today, too. However, it's a publicity stunt and it's just their regular menu without any meat.

So here's to a holiday that comes around only every four years, few people even care about, and practically nobody gets to take the day off.

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