This donut ice cream cone needs to be your new dessert obsession

The Doughnut Cone: A Mouth Watering Dessert
The Doughnut Cone: A Mouth Watering Dessert

Forget cronuts and crazy giant milkshakes, there's a mouthwatering new dessert trend that'll replace all your past cravings.

Behold, the donut ice cream cone, a.k.a. chimney cake, a.k.a. kürtőskalács.

This delectable dessert is quite simple in concept. Take a donut, shape it like a cone and fill it with ice cream and other sweet toppings. Brilliant.

It's the big new dessert obsession now, but the chimney cake actually dates as far back as 1784.

So why is it just becoming popular now? People are Instagramming the drool-worthy creations from Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague and people on social media just can't get enough.

See more amazing desserts that went viral below:


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